Graston Soft Tissue

Innovative Therapy for acute and chronic soft tissue injuries

What is Graston?

The Graston Technique is a form of manual therapy that uses 6 stainless steel  instruments in combination with a specialized form of massage. The instruments have rounded edges, and are used to scan and detect injured tissues as well as to provide treatment. By using cross-friction massage to rub against the grain of scar tissue, scar tissue is broken down and connective tissue is rearranged. The therapy reintroduces small amounts of trauma to the injured area. Sometimes, this process causes temporary inflammation. Inflammation benefits the injury by increasing the rate and amount of blood flow, initiating the healing process of the affected tissues.

Did you know...

Although many soft tissue injuries respond well to chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage, Dr. David Powell brings to CLC an additional, highly effective soft tissue therapy called The Graston Technique® (GT). Using a set of stainless steel tools, GT can often break down adhesions and scar tissue at a deeper level than other conservative therapies. GT can be especially effective at treating chronic conditions before considering the need for surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic care

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